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Postgraduate Level 7 Diploma in Business Management

Professional Unit Certificates

Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM)

MBA top-up with University of Plymouth or Cardiff Metropolitan University


The Qualification is an Ofqual-regulated postgraduate qualification developed by UK academics. It offers a flexible route to an MBA and covers a range of topics including marketing, information strategy, project management, finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship, providing learners with the latest management theory and practice.

What do you want to study?

1. Professional unit certificate:

  • Choose 1 from 8 units
  • Short and focused
  • Master a specialism
  • 20 credits

2. Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM):

  • Choose 6 out of 8 units
  • Study at your own pace
  • Progress your career in management
  • 120 credits

3. Master of Business Administration (MBA):

  • Advanced entry from L7DBM
  • Choice of UK universities
  • Expert supervision, distance learning
  • 60 credit top-up
1 unit:
20 credits

Professional Unit Certificate

6 unit:
120 credits

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma + Top-up:
180 credits


Entry Requirement

For entry onto the NCC Education L7DBM qualification, students must use one of these routes:

Route 1 Academic:
An honours degree in a relevant subject area from a UK university or equivalent award from a non-UK university.

Route 2 Combined:
An honours degree in a nonrelevant subject area from a UK university or equivalent award from a non-UK university, together with three years’ management experience in a relevant area.

Route 3 Work Experience:
Five years’ work experience in a relevant industry or area.
An IELTS score of 6.5 or above for students who do not hold a degree level qualification wholly taught and examined in English.

Taught or Blended Route

Study in a classroom at IT’s Britz Education.
  • Receive close tutorial support to develop your academic skills.
  • Complete your programme of study in a guided and efficient way.
  • Receive formative feedback throughout your course.
  • Enjoy university master classes and all the benefits of the online materials to consolidate your learning.
Students who succeed on the taught master’s route
  • Thrive in a collegiate environment
  • Value the support of highly trained lecturers
  • Value discussion and debate

What's Next

Students can also complete a degree at one of the many universities that recognise NCC Education qualifications or alternatively, pursue a career in the business industry.

NCC Education has recognition with over 70 universities in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia, for students who want to complete their degree overseas at an international university campus.

NCC Diploma programmes offer students the opportunity to advance their studies and career options through structured progression pathways. The L7DBM is recognised as a suitable entry point for those pursuing an MBA degree. Holders of postgraduate diplomas in business or management can leverage their prior education and fast-track their studies to achieve a full MBA award.

For more information and to explore progression routes, please visit the website:

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Study from home
60 credit Dissertation Remote study

Study via Distance Learning
20 credit Research Methods module 40 credit Dissertation

Postgraduate Level 7 Diploma in Business Management