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Web Designing & Development

BEng Software Engineering Top Up


Web Designing & Development is the development of the graphical user interface and functionality of a website, through the use of programming languages, so that users can view and interact with that website. This course offers a comprehensive understanding to aspiring web designers and developers on what goes into designing the style, user interfaces, and functionality of websites.

The Web Designing & Development course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to developing static and dynamic websites for browsers. It covers the fundamentals of web design, frontend development and back-end development. This course builds a strong foundation from beginner’s level in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other major tools and technologies used in web development.

By the end of this beginner course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop responsive websites, create interactive user interfaces, build web applications, and integrate with back-end systems.

Course Learning:

We cover all the Web Development components in our course that include:

  • Introduction To Programming
  • Unplugged Coding Activities
  • Coding Basics Via (Scratch &
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Database with SQL
  • IDE Tools & Online Code Editors
  • Web Hosting with cPane


  • Understand the principles of creating an effective web page, including an in-depth
    consideration of information architecture.
  • Become familiar with web designing and learn how to implement theories into practice.
  • Develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site.
  • Understand how to plan and conduct user research related to web usability.
  • Understand Bootstrap Framework.
  • Learn techniques of responsive web design, including media queries.
  • Develop basic programming skills using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Be able to embed social media content into web pages.

Learning Outcome

  • Use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement well-structured Web sites
  • Design and develop responsive Web sites using Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Style web pages using CSS
  • Design user interactions on web pages
  • Developing and maintaining the user interface.
  • Program websites (Web Apps) with JavaScript
  • HTML forms; JavaScript form validation and styling forms with CSS
  • JavaScript basics, functions and built-in objects; variables, arrays, and
    operators, conditionals and loops
  • Build and Publish websites with HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery & Bootstrap


100% Hands-on through computer lab exercises

Eligibility Criteria

This course is for beginners and students above twelve years of age can enroll in it.

Course Roadmap

The course is spread over a total period of 16 weeks. During this period, students.
are required to complete theory and practical work comprising of 32 credit hours.

Perks and Rewards

  • UK Based Certificate
  • Internships & Job Opportunities
  • Free Boot Camps for Top Students
  • Access to free Seminars and Workshops

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction To Programming

  • Explain the basic concepts and fundamentals of programming.
  • Introduction to software, types of software, purpose, need and working of OS, system
    software, drivers, and different application software.
  • Understanding the nature of programming as human activity
  • Learn and experience main components of programming process
  • Learn how to apply an integrated program development tool to design, implement,
    test, debug, and document programs.

Module 2: Unplugged Coding Activities

  • Learning coding concepts without using devices. It is learning how to code without
    writing lines of code.
  • Understand computer science concepts through role-playing, analogies and other
    visual exercises.
  • Using offline activities and games, some of which involve tangible objects, markers,
    paper, or manipulatives, as a way to learn programming concepts in an engaging and
    ‘unplugged’ way.

Module 3: Coding Basics

  • Learn Coding by playing and making games
  • Learn programming concepts through the use of online coding less
    softwares; such as Scratch, and Code Monkey
  • Build interactive stories, games, and animations.

Module 4: HTML 5

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Learn method of creating and saving HTML files
  • Learn the structural elements, tags and attributes of HTML.
  • Start coding with notepad to keep tags always remembered in mind
  • Adding headings, paragraphs, lists, links, tables, Images, audio and
    videos to web pages
  • Text formatting and Layout elements such as colors and background etc.
  • Explore new HTML5 form validation features.
  • Embedding content via Iframe
  • Detecting features of users' browsers
  • Using HTML5 to find specific parts of pages
  • Work with user input elements

Module 5: Using IDE Tools & Online Code Editors

  • Introduction to IDE tools (Code Editor)
  • Installing and understanding functions of IDE tools
  • Using Online Code Editors to experience live programming; such as CodePen, jQuery, CodeSandbox, StackBlitz, and JSFiddle.
  • Editing Saving and showcasing your projects online

Module 6: CSS 3

  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • Creating stylesheet
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Selectors, Rules, Properties, and Values
  • Specify different types of colors, fonts and backgrounds
  • Styling pictures
  • Decorative properties
  • Border and box effects
  • Controlling the position and Alignment of elements
  • Creating site layouts
  • Controlling size of boxes for borders, margin and padding
  • Changing the appearance of form elements
  • Template layout and browser support

Module 7: JQuery for (Sliders)

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Fundamentals of jQuery
  • Understanding jQuery Syntax
  • Adding or Linking jQuery Library to the Pages
  • Basic jQuery Example
  • Downloading jQuery Sliders and Implementation on pages


Module 8: Bootstrap for (Responsiveness)

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Explain Framework and Responsive web pages
  • Understanding Bootstrap Syntax
  • Major Features of Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Plugins
  • Adding or Linking Bootstrap Libraries to the Pages
  • Understanding and Adding Bootstrap classes
  • Building a Navigation bar
  • Adding Buttons, Icons and Dropdown menu
  • Develop Interactive and Responsive Web pages
  • Using templates layout

Module 9: JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Internal and external JavaScript
  • JavaScript Syntax review
  • Making Web Apps and games with JavaScript
  • Error handling and Debugging with Console Log
  • Leaning Functions, Loops, Arrays, Inheritance, Variables, Objects, Values, Data Types, If & else
  • Popup Menu and Window
  • Forms Validation (Get and Post Method)
  • Validate user input
  • Making Simple Apps such as Calculator, Calorie meter, Conversions, Quizzes, Timer, To-do list, Clock and simple games.


Module 10: Publishing Website

  • Introduction to Domain and Hosting
  • Creating Domain and Subdomain
  • Features of cPanel
  • Learn website handling and uploading web pages
  • Uploading you website project on cPanel
  • Make a website live on Internet by publishing on hosting site


Module 11: Database with SQL

  • Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • Relational Databases and their importance
  • Understanding SQL syntax and usage
  • Creating a database and tables
  • Inserting and modifying data in a table
  • Retrieving data from a table using SELECT statements

Our Partnership

IT’s Britz Education is proud to be an approved student pathway provider for Western International College (WINC), a partner of the University of Bolton. The course we offer is distance delivered by WINC and awarded by the University of Bolton, ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education that is recognised globally. As a pathway provider of WINC, we are proud to be committed to providing our students with quality education and a clear path towards achieving their academic goals. We offer our students personalised support and guidance throughout their learning journey, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

Web Designing & Development