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Distance Hub

Access to our unique distance hub contains a range of specialist and focused resources to support and develop you alongside your learning. We are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the complete experience including educational and social experience you deserve. Our programmes are about more than simply credentials. We want to help you grow as a person with personal skills and self-confidence so you may succeed in your chosen field. Our first concern is the holistic student experience. These resources are free to all our students That’s why we’ve identified following seven support areas to enrich your experience.  

  1. Wellness & Fitness
  2. Career Guidance
  3. Personal Development
  4. Peer Support
  5. Resources

Wellness: Supporting student mental health

We’ll work together to make sure your safety and well-being are taken care of while you’re learning. We regard you as a person and want to be a source of information and help for you. We understand how crucial it is to strike a healthy work-life balance in order to reach your best potential.

Work/life balance, Mental wellbeing support, Mindfulness & relaxation are among the topics covered in a variety of articles, guidelines, and short courses on wellness. Having a healthy body also means having a healthy mind. Finding time to exercise will have a significant impact on not only your physical health but also other aspects of your life. This area is intended to promote and inspire students to live a better and more active lifestyle.

  • Nutrition, health, and fitness
  • Fitness and workout routines for individuals
  • Yoga & Meditation videos
  • A variety of gym activities

Career Guidance

We wish to provide as much information and direction as possible to assist you in achieving your dream profession. Along with providing a high-quality education, we will provide career counselling to students. This area contains career development ideas and advice, such as how to write a CV and how to take an interview. Plan and build your career possibilities, as well as your marketability, by using the following resources:

  • How to prepare for an interview and a job
  • How to write a CV
  • Psychometric evaluations
  • Job Posting

Personal Development: Future vision

Personal development is an important aspect of a person’s growth and development. This area can assist you in increasing your self-assurance and become more effective at work and in life.

  • Interpersonal and persuasive skills
  • Personal success
  • A comprehensive guide to making yourself unforgettable

These are some of the topics covered.

Peer Support: Widen your friend pool from around the world

This section allows you to connect with, speak with, and befriend students from all around the world. Here’s how you may join our global community:

  • Course forums where you can engage with other students
  • Exchange ideas
  • Share resources
  • Motivate & inspire
  • Learn about different cultures and backgrounds

Materials & Resources

This area contains all further learning and support resources. To help our students learn more effectively, we provide them with the following resources:

  • Previous webinars
  • FAQ Library
  • eBook add-ons
  • Resource listings

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