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Office Automation

BEng Software Engineering Top Up


MS Office is the most widely used software suite in business and office environments. Microsoft Office is a software program developed and synthetic by using Microsoft Company that lets customers prepare, layout, and calculate data with formulation the use of a spreadsheet device broken up by using rows and columns. Microsoft Excel commonly comes bundled with Microsoft workplace and is compatible with different applications supplied within the suite of products. Our Microsoft Office courses are designed to cater to the needs of all sorts of individuals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user the course offered at our institute is the most unique Microsoft Office Courses in Karachi.

Course Learning:

We cover all the Office components in our courses that include:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • One Note
  • Typing
  • Introduction to computer
  • Introduction to Hardware & Networking
  • Internet And Email
  • Windows And Software Installation

Course Details

You will learn the fundamental concepts of web development and use them to implement, refine and test your web applications.

  • Set yourself apart as a desktop computing expert
  • Demonstrate computing efficiency in the workplace
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Build credibility through proof of skills
  • Possess a professional credential
  • Define basic terms of computer
  • Use Web Browser
  • Work with lists, tables, and graphics
  • Make your work easier, faster, and more efficient with Office
  • Work with Data Analysis and Security
  • Be familiar with a new working environment using “tabs” and “ribbons” and be able to exploit Office to its full potential
  • Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations for analyzing and presenting data

Safwan Habib is a highly skilled software developer with 8 years of industry experience. He is proficient in multiple programming languages and technologies and has delivered successful projects for both local and international clients. He is dedicated to staying current with the latest technology and consistently delivering high-quality solutions. With a solid understanding of software development methodologies and experience in design, coding, testing, and maintenance, Safwan is a strong problem-solver and communicator. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and provides expert guidance to both beginners and seasoned developers. Join Safwan in exploring the exciting world of software development, where his passion and innovative teaching methods will help you reach your full potential.

  • The course is spread over a total period of 12 weeks. During this period, students
    are required to complete theory and practical work comprising of 32 credit hours.
  • Total Duration of Course: 3 months
  • Students will submit assignments to the trainers on a regular basis and a final project will be assigned at the end of the course to assess the student’s overall understanding of the course in order to be eligible to receive the certificate.
  • UK Based Certificate
  • Internships & Job Opportunities
  • Free Boot Camps for Top Students
  • Access to free Seminars and Workshops

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Key digital marketing channels
  • Understanding target audience
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing research and analytics


Module 2: Website Design

  • Introduction to website design
  • Website planning and layout
  • Understanding user experience and user interface design
  • Website content creation and optimization
  • Website maintenance and security


Module 3: Graphic Design for Digital Marketing

  • Fundamentals of graphic design
  • Creating visual content for digital marketing
  • Creating marketing collaterals (banners, ads, social media posts) with Canva
  • Principles of typography and color in digital marketing

Module 4:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Local SEO


Module 5:Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Introduction to SEM
  • Creating and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns
  • Understanding ad formats and targeting options
  • Measuring and analyzing SEM campaigns

Module 6: Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Creating content for digital marketing
  • Content optimization for search engines and social media
  • Understanding content distribution channels


Module 7: Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Creating social media marketing strategy
  • Understanding social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Creating and optimizing social media profiles and pages
  • Measuring and analyzing social media campaigns


Module 8: Email Marketing

  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Creating email marketing strategy
  • Creating email marketing campaigns with MailChimp
  • Understanding email marketing metrics and analysis


Module 9: Analytics and Reporting

  • Introduction to marketing analytics
  • Measuring and analyzing digital marketing campaigns
  • Creating reports and dashboards with Google Analytics and other analytics tools
  • Understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) for digital marketing.

Our Partnership

IT’s Britz Education is proud to be an approved student pathway provider for Western International College (WINC), a partner of the University of Bolton. The course we offer is distance delivered by WINC and awarded by the University of Bolton, ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education that is recognised globally. As a pathway provider of WINC, we are proud to be committed to providing our students with quality education and a clear path towards achieving their academic goals. We offer our students personalised support and guidance throughout their learning journey, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

Office Automation